Corporate Overview

Tanke Inc. is a publicly traded holding company and is traded under the symbol TNKE.


Tanke is a diversified holding company with the mission to develop, manage and finance emerging companies. Tanke is focused in the development of environmental technologies.

As a diversified company we work on mitigating risk hedging several sectors against the ups and downs and uncertainties in the economic world.

Tanke believes the emergence of Asia stresses natural resources, water, energy and food.  Environmental technologies will be at the forefront of the new paradigm shift in usage of resources.

Through its subsidiaries, Tanke seeks to grow through acquisitions, organic growth and in the USA and in emerging markets.

Tanke is in constant active search of acquiring technologies and companies to create synergies.

Corporate Background and History

Tanke was originally incorporated  on March 30, 1984 in the State of Nevada by reincorporation as  Pacific Power Group Inc.  and later renamed to LP Holdings Inc. in December 2005 until finally changing to its present name Tanke Inc. (“Tanke”) in August 28, 2007.

In October 4, 2007, Tanke acquired the majority controlling shares of Tanke International Ltd., a Hong Kong corporation (“TIL”).  TIL majority control subsidiary was Guangzhou Tanke Animal Health Ltd., a People’s Republic of China corporation(“GAH”).  Following these transaction s the company begins its operations in the animal food  business.

Due to limited market size and growth of  China’s animal feed in addition to differences with the management of GAH, the company decides to pursue the development of an enhanced business plan which included the expansion through acquisition.  The company subsequently acquired a minority position in Tanke Industries Inc., later renamed to Anagra Nutraceuticals Inc., in order to enter the nutraceutical industry.

December 28, 2010, Tanke enters into an agreement to acquire Re:Water assets and other intellectual property including the assumption of certain water recycling contracts and customer list thus entering into the water equipment business.

October 11, 2011, Tanke completes the acquisition of intellectual property assets for Triple R recycling water technologies entering into the environmental technology and cleantech industry.

 February 5, 2013, Tanke becomes Master Licesee of E-Waste Systems Inc. and makes a $650,000 investment into eWaste.  The fastest growing segment of the recycling industry.