Tripple R Water Recycling™ for Hotels and Buildings

The Company has a proprietary water recycling system with scalable technology that it markets under the trademark Tripple R Water Recycling™. Based on this technology, the Company has developed two products: Tripple R Water Recycling™ Hotel and Tripple R Water Recycling™ Dry Kitchen.

Water Technology Hotel is designed for the hotel industry – particularly to so-called “Green Hotels” and other hotels that wish to be identified as using environmentally sound and sustainable practices.  Water Technology Hotel is designed for hotels that desire to have the highest drinking water quality available to guests directly from the hotel water supply (as opposed to bottled water) and wish to provide recycling for waste water generated by use in kitchens, baths and laundry facilities.

The Tripple R Water Recycling™ Dry Kitchen is a small dedicated system which is approximately the size of a kitchen cabinet and is designed to be used in commercial buildings, retail stores, offices and other facilities where there is a need or desire for high quality drinking water, but no access or limited access.  As with our Tripple R Water Recycling™ Hotel product, the Tripple R Water Recycling™ Dry Kitchen product has been developed for the segments of commercial sector that also want to recycle waste water generated by use in kitchens, baths and laundry facilities.

Tripple R Water Recycling™ Benefits

Tripple R Water Recycling™ , is a most suitable proprietary water recycling solution for 5-starhotels and grade A business and commercial buildings.  An effective deployment can  provide carbon neutral hotels and buildings by utilizing effective water recycling systems that greatly reduce hotels’ and commercial buildings and restaurant establishment’s reliance on water.

  • Approximately 70% of total water consumption in a hotel can be recycled. Significant contributors to renewable water (gray water) comes from showers, Spas, faucets, clothes washers, leaks, etc.
  • About 30% is non-recyclable water (black water) which comes from toilets and kitchen sanitation and hose down.
  • A Typical 5 Star Full Service hotel consumption: 150k tons
  • Water cost in emerging economies like China and India are steadily increasing
    • Beijing Water Rate 2009: RMB 6.5 (combined in/out)
    • Beijing Water Rate has increased 9 times in the last 15 years and is expected to continue to rise at a rapid rate

Disclaimer: Information on Tripple R Water Recycling™ are for design purposes.  Tripple R Water Recycling™  and Tripple “R” are in the early phases of commercial deployment.  No claims are made of its full efficacy and functionality.  Specifications quoted in this website are for design purposes only.  Commercial system and their respective performance may differ from these quoted specifications.